Haas Floppy Drive Emulator

haas floppy emulatorDid you know that Haas machines have a plug and play floppy drive emulator?

Here are the features you could have to freshen up your older Haas CNC machine:

  • Haas compatible, Plug and Play model
  • Replace old Floppy disks with a USB Flash drive & still maintain Floppy procedures
  • Slide your old floppy drive out of the HAAS & slide in the SFA Floppy Emulator
  • Hold the same amount of Data on a USB drive that Floppy disk could

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More info on floppy drive emulators:

A Floppy Emulator (AKA Floppy USB Emulator or Floppy Drive Emulator), is easy to install, requires no system configuration/debugging, & replaces the need for floppy disks, which are very difficult to obtain.

The drive emulates your existing floppy drive & acts as if the floppy drive was never removed. Works with almost any existing 720k/1.44MB capacity DOS format floppy drive. 28 or 32 pin ribbon cables systems are supported & will connect to your existing power cable.

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