Top 3 Dead Technologies on a Shop Floor

In a recent manufacturing integrator blog, a floppy disk was declared one of three pieces of dead weight on a manufacturing shop floor:

There are likely pieces of old technology on your shop floor that are limiting your productivity. They are robbing you of your time, your profits, and your resources in order to keep replacing them.

Who are the biggest offenders? Here is our top three list of dead technologies you should be replacing on your shop floor immediately:

Suspect 1: Floppy disks, or as kids these days know it, the “save” symbol on a computer word processing program. Assuming you rightly do not trust used/refurbished floppy disks, you will have to hunt down packages of new floppy disks and hope that they work. At about 1.44MB of space on each disk, the question is, why would you want to hang onto this old media source?

Answer: Using the Floppy Connect, otherwise known as a floppy drive emulator, will replace this process. The hardware acts as if the floppy drive were never removed. You only need a 2GB USB flash drive for it and you can keep using the same stick.

The other offenders on the list, aside from floppy disks, were switch boxes and PCMCIA cards. For more information, fill out a contact form or call (877) 611-5825 

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